zapatos magrit

The Princess wore these pair of suede shoes, from Magrit, for the first time on June 2, 2012. Since then, they have become her favorite pair and she has worn them in public no less than 13 times:

  1. Armed Forces Day. June 2012, Valladolid.
  2. Madrid Journalism Association Awards. June 2012, Madrid.
  3. Working visit to the United States-Outfit 2. June 2012, New York.
  4. Working Visit to the United States-Outfit 4. June 2012, Harvard University. 
  5. Working Visit to the United States-Outfit 7. June 2012, New Jersey. 
  6. Prince of Girona Foundation’s Impulsa Awards. June 2012, Girona. 
  7. Delivery of Iberdrola Scholarships and research grants. July 2012, Madrid. 
  8. Closing of the “European Association for Cancer Research” (EACR22) Congress. July 2012, Barcelona. 
  9. Rare Diseases Conference: “Urea Cycle disorders”. July 2012, Valencia. 
  10. Audiences in La Zarzuela. July 2012, Madrid. 
  11. Lunch at Spain’s House with the Spanish Olympic Committee and members of the International Olympic Committee. August 2012, London. 
  12. Delivery of Awards and Scholarships of the Spanish Association Against Cancer. September 2012, Córdoba. 
  13. 40th Birthday of HRH the Princess of Asturias-Official Photos, 1st Outfit. September 2012, Madrid.